Winter break yay!

So, winter break is just round the corner!
I'm so happy! i can finally throw away all my school books and even more important then this on Friday i'm leaving to Tokyo! ;___;
I still can't believe it srsly!
it's my first time so i'm all dokidoki and shit.
I'll be there with Grazia for 2 weeks. I think it will be the best New Year's Eve ever!
We made a kind of schedule but we don't know if we're actually going to follow it :"DD
Also we bought a ticket for Ayumi Hamasaki concert 'cause Grazia loves her! I'm also looking forward to it!(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
We also wanted to go to the GazettE concert since i love them but in order to get the ticket you had to attend a lottery  so we can't go. I'm gonna cry hard on that day Д
Maybe we're going to go to D=OUT's one~

Also! This has been a busy period since i had exams at school. They startedon 19th Nov and  ended a few days ago DD: They all went well but Maths..... <__________<""

During these days i also went out so here you are some outfits (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I also dyed my hair! I dunn what kind of color is this nor if it's even a color but still LOL
That's all folks! See 'ya when i'm back! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Lucca comcs & games 2012!

Last week end i went to Lucca in Tuscany because of the yearly comicon. This is the biggest expo in Italy so a lot of people come every year. I was supposed to stay there for the whole comicon lenght but since i'm going to Tokyo in about a month i had to save some money (・`ω´・)
It was a package tour so we had to leave Pescara at 1.30 am  'cause Lucca is pretty far away and because of traffic we arrived at 12:00 am...... I was like dead after travelling all night long(×_×;) 
On the same day me and Grazia had to dress up in lolita 'cause we decided to took part to the lolita fashion show! I wore my Fantastic Dolly (★^O^★)

Federica and Grazia  were so gorgeous çAç
We spent the whole day doing this so when the fashion show ended we just walked aroud also 'cause we were tired as hell and lolita isn't that confortable LOL
On Sunday me and Grazia cosplayed Madoka and Mami from Madoka Magika, we were soooo lucky it didn't rain 'cause the whole expo take place outdoor....Imo it's so stupid doing an outdoor expo in November...i mean it's cold and it could rain at anytime, it's a pain for cosplayers(´Д` )
So, here you are me cosplaying Madoka (◕‿◕✿)

Some stupid pics with Grazia LOL

This is the Japan palace entrance which is the only part of the expo dedicated to Japan.
Also, ALPACAS.  ALPACAS EVERYWHERE.  I bought a gigant one and i called him Pasquale aka Nyansan. He's actually my new boyfriend. (I'm a lonely person i know).
Let me share with you some precious moments with Pasquale <3

Also dancing Gangnam style....

...and playing Project Diva....

I had a lot of fun even if i was so tired! Next year we're gonna organise all by ourselvs no matter what!
So, from now on me and Grazia are focused on our travel in Japan!  I can't wait!O(≧▽≦)O

See 'ya!☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


Harajuku fashion walk in Italy!★彡

Last Saturday me, Grazia and Federica organised a Harajuku Fashion Walk in Pescara! We made an event on Facebook in order to gather all the people who live in our region or near and wanted to partecipate at the  fashion walk! Of course Pescara isn't like Rome or Milan so we weren't a lot but enough people came tho!(✿◠‿◠)
It think it's the 1st time an event like this is held in Italy~
I dressed up in a kinda kodona outfit (◕‿◕✿)
It was so beutiful seeing all those colorful people walking down the street *(*´∀`*)☆

Here you are some pics☆彡  ★彡

(All the following pics were taken by Andrea Lanzilli)

That's me(◕〝◕) I noticed i don't have a full outfit pic even if we spent almost all the day taking photos LOL
And here you are a silly pic with Grazia aka mamma and the beautiful mirror/alpaca-san Federica bought for me in Japan (´ε`*)
Btw with those tights i felt like a whore LOL


After this loooooong walk we went to a book shop because there were a book introduction about Kawaii culture and such written by Valentina Testa. Grazia and Federica spoke about Japanese fashion and had a discussion with the author. After this we went finally went eating pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH.  (。♥‿♥。)

I had a lot of fun! It was just amazing and i hope we can do it again (‘∀’●)♡


You know that awful little thing called math

Yeah, so today was a little math-noon with some of my classmates...
1st math homeworks of the year and we already dunno what to do LOL
They didn't take us so much time btw.

She was like "WTF did i just read." LOL

                                                     Bad and ugly exercises >:(
                                                                  Our maths saviours *bless
                                                              Bad and ugly exercises part 2
                                                                     *le math stretching
After our work was done we had to toast because we're too clever(??????)
Yep, i know, this post is USELESS but i really have a boring life so i should update this blog with somethin' or not.....
Also, talkin' 'bout school (school, yay .-.),today the  schedule was like french,english,spanish and italian.... I COULDN'T HANDLE ALL THAT LANGUAGES. Srsly, when i came back home i was like wat is my native language i dunno anymoar.
Ok,i should end this right now .-.
Ah, today me~

See ya(^з^)-☆


Back to school~

So...tomorrow i'm starting a new school year and i really wish i could stay at home for the rest of my life because i don't wanna do anything. Ok, it's a lil bit drastic but i'm really not in the mood.

Btw, this post is to sum up what i've done during this summer (basically nothing :°D) and what i'm gonna do now that i''m starting the 4th year of high school....i still can't realize next year's gonna be the last!

Well, this summer was really lazy and i didn't do anything special despite going to the JAPAN EXPO (which i've spoken about in the previous post) and going to Greece with my parents...i didn't like that week with 'em very much 'cause there were so damn hot and humid i couldn't even stay out of the pool.

So here you are a photo of Rhodes's sea
I've also met Federica and Grazia a lot of time just for having fun <3 even if we're living in the same region we're still a bit far from each other D:
In order to sum up our meetings i've choosen some pics of us <3 Mostly taken by Federica coz i always forget my camera *clap clap

At the moment i'm only happy because hot is over and since i have to get up early everyday i will stop going to bed at 4 am :°D

Some days ago i went school shopping with my favorite classmates <3

Next projects are Lucca comic and games and....JAPAN!
In November i'm going to the usual comic con in Lucca, I'm gonna stay there for 2 days. On Saturday in lolita and on Sunday in cosplay. I think i'm gonna cosplay Madoka Kaname from Madoka magika~
And the the big event <3 I'm gonna stay in Japan from 21th december to 6th jenuary, it means i'm gonna celebrate there xmas and new's year eve! I still can't belive that since it's my 1st time in Japan! I'll stay in Tokyo with Grazia, i'm really really really looking forward it! I'm trying to save some money for shopping :°DD
Bye <3


Japan expo! Maxi post part II yay!

Btw, talking 'bout serious stuffs...XD
Last 2 days were an hell! Saturday above all!
Since there was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu a lot ( i mean..A LOT) of people came because of her.
Once we arrived we went (again part 2XD)  to the signing desk to get the ticket for Kyary meet and greet! We were lucky we went early 'cause after something like 2 minutes the queue became infinite D:
Me and Grazia wore a tokyo street style coord. I was an handsome man 8DD

We decided to have lunch early 'cause in the afternoon there were a lot of events! 
First of all was Kyary meet and greet! Just before that my camera's battery died so i couldn't take any good quality pics D:  but i took one with my shitty mobile camera :°D
After the meet and greet we went to the japan expo stage 'cause there were a show with Kyary and some idols. We arrived early so we didn't have to stand in queue but... since me and Grazia are really really stupid we decided to go out a bit to see other shows.... we came back after  a minute (literally) and we found the INFINITE queue. We verified how stupid we are and decided to go standing in another queue ( QUEUE. QUEUE EVERYWHERE) for Kyary' concert (Kyary day XD).
After a long wait we finally get into the live house.
While we were waiting for Kyary Anli pollicino were still performing so i took some pics .w.

Then Kyary started! there were so many people i couldn't even breathe D:
The show was really cute <3 I don't show you her pics now because reasons :°D 
After the show ended people asked for an encore! I mean, maybe we stayed there screaming "KYARY KYARY KYARY!" for 15 minutes but she didn't sing again D: she just came out greeting us with her hand   :°D
Saturday was over and we were literally died :°D

On Sunday we were not so busy like the previous day, luckily!
We decided to wear sweet lolita so here you are my outfit!
I wore the Country of sweets OP from Angelic Pretty <3

On Sunday there were the Harajuku kawaii fashion show! Since in the morning there were any interesting show we went to the main stage like...3 hours in advice? XD
We saw the ECG too! Cosplayers were awsome! 
Then the fashion show started! We were on the 1st line!
The brands which took part of the show were Innocent world, Spinns, HELLCATPUNKS and 6%DOKIDOKI.

And then Kyary appears XD
But before! Mabeshipamyupamyu ad.! I fell in love with this bean XD
And here you are good quality pics. of Kyary <3

After the show we returned to the Daizy Stripper's concert XD
Our goal was to be under the stage but we kinda failed XD
This time we were on Mayu side so we took a lot of photos of him :°D
Here you are some of 'em <3

 And a little fanservice moment between Nao and Yugiri :°D (Nao literally jumped on him °A°)
Then her you are some random pics <3
2 beatiful maiko <3
This man was singing and dancing YMCA in japanese at the station XD
We met Sui! She is soooo beautiful çAAç

two handsome cosplayers of Tiger & Bunny. 
This is so perfect i can't even..

Well, that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed <3 
See ya (*^o^*)/~