Last Saturday i went to Pescara with my friends because there were an event in the comic store we use to go.

There were a karaoke party 'cause Grazia ended her japanese course.
Federica came too!
We """"""sang""""""  together...'ya know...fantastic baby LOL
It was really funny since nobody of us can sing in korean and the only words we could scream like idiots where  "wow, fantastic baby" and, of course, "BOOM SHAKALAKA!". I don't even like dat song but somehow it's fuckin' addicting :°D

After this we had dinner in a  restaurant and we ate "arrosticini"  (roast lamb). I love 'em *ç*

I wore the gathered chiffon <3  i love it <3 <3
(photo with Grazia <3)


Lolita meeting, Doll convention and BOOM SHAKALAKA.

Hi everyone!
Yesterday i went to Rome with my lolita friends Federica and Grazia for a lolita meeting and a doll convention! .w.
I've met new lolitas too,it was really funny!
That's the outfit i wore.

We arrived in Rome for lunch so we went to the chinese restaurant all together. Then, we went to a doll convention! .w.  it was really nice, there were a lot of dolls. Some of them were really creepy °A°||
That's a photo i stole from Federica's blog (sorry Fede XD) of a pulip stand! They were so gorgeous °^° It's a pity they cost so much D:  I really want one >__<

That's all, i really had fun. Hope can meet again .w.
Bye bye (・ω・)/


Happy easter!

Hi everyone!
Well, this easter holidays are almost finished but i' m happy 'cause i've spent'em in a thermal town in the nord of Italy called Abano terme. I spend my easter holidays here with my family since i wasn't even born so it's like a 2nd home for me :°D

This is me the 1st evening in front of the hotel hall, i wore the Fantasic dolly from Angelic pretty<3  

Well, after dinner we usually go for a cup of tea or something like that *le old people life style LOL
I took some photos in the street while we were walking .w.
 This is a hotel that i really like but where i never never stayed  D: well, i know you probably can't tell what is this but, you know, i can't take photos, sorry LOL

This is an abandoned hotel placed in the downtown, it has been built in 1800 by an aristocratic family and it closed about 25 years ago. It's really really huge that covers almost the whole downtown. I'm really fascinated by it and i whish one day it will be open to be visited by tourists. It's really majestic, isn't it?

Then, Ester day comes! i wore the silent moon jsk 'cause is sooo elegant <3
Of coure we ate a lot...i mean...a looooot.  I took some photos to the dishes, they were so yummy! Let's start!
here the hors d' oeuvre, eggs aside the rest is all tipical italian food so i won't tell you all the namesXD
This is a type of pasta with tomato, zucchine and some other things i can't remember XD You know, the photo looks a bit awful 'cause i forgot to take the pic. and i started to eat LOL
Then we eat lamb with some vegetables .w. i only ate the meat 'cause i don't like vegetables :°D

The big moment has come(?)  i recived a lot of easter eggs and that was my favourite so i decided to eat it.....you know....i ate it all by myself  *le gettin' fat
OF COURSE lunch wasn't finished yet :°D desserts time! 
A lemon and liquorice sorbet

..and a tipical easter cake with chantilly cream on it. It was so fuckin' yummy.
In the end children tried to broke that giant chocolate egg, the lady with the white t shirt was literally killing that poor egg XD  well, after a few minutes they did it!
That was finally the end! So we went to the cafè for a coffè .w.

and we ate...again....LOL
After this i come back to my room...

going past the spa....

to pass the rest of the afternoon here LOL

Just before dinner i went to the pool to relax .w. 
This hotel has a really huge pool that continues outside too.
It's soo hot and relaxing <3

the lights on the ceiling change color every 2 minutes *O*

*le me come back from le pool  :°DD
Ok, talkin' 'bout serious stuffs....i wore the french cafè for dinner .w.

                                                     and i ate a looooot of strawberries <3 <3 
                                                     i made a coordinated with food LOL

                                           The last day this was the mess in my room

 I was a bit sad 'cause i've started thinking 'bout school and stuffs wishing i could  stay there a bit more D:          

                                                      The last night i wore the Gathered chiffon .w.
                 Well, that's all folks(?)  Happy Easter to everyone (even if i'm late but we don't care LOL)
                                                         Bye bye ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ