Tokyo haul post...shame on me :°DD

So... it's time to show you the shameful shopping i've done in Tokyo :°D

 Prisila wig...i just love this one! It's expansive but it really worth the cost!
 I've bought Algonquins luck pack and this cardigan was in it! So kitsh xD i like it btw .w.
 This is a poncho i bought from Glavil...i've spent a lot of money there LOL Federica and Grazia have the same in different colorways, we can twin :°D
 Ap Red ribbon bag!  Yay! I really need it for my lolita outfits! Also it was very cheap 'cause i've bought it in a Closet Child, yay!
 Another Closet Child purchase! .w. i loved this skirt from AATP at 1st sight! I don't know the series name btw D:
 A really huuuuge cross from Glavil <3 it's so kira kira and asdfghjkl
 A really nice shirt from listen flavor °u°
 I love this belt from Glavil. It's so cute çAç i also like very much this colorway because i can use it also for pastelgoth outfits .w.
 Listen Flavor shirt, it was on sale so xD
 This is a jumper?shirt?dress? dunno xD from Super Lovers, it's sooo cute! On the back it also has a bunny tale çAç

Ap Star Engineer boots! I was lucky 'cause it was the last pair aso it was kinda cheap 8D 

 Ap Holy Night Story Jsk and headbow.  This one was on my wishlist from long time so i was really happy when i found it çAç
 BTSSB socks...i don't know what series they're from D:
 Another shirt from Algonquins lucky pack .w.
 Listen Flavor skirt. This is so cute çAç
 Dress from Glavil. I like how it is already pud, it makes me feel like i actually have boobs LOL
 Blouse from Glavil. this is just awsome ok.
 Cardigan from Super Lovers. It is sooo huge that can fit an elephant xD
 Dress from Ma*rs. I finally bought a gyaru dress! it's really short btw D: i really like that ribbon on the back .w.
 tank top from Glavil. It was needed for the poncho and the blouse xD
 Necklace and wristlace from Fernopaa and hairband from Glavil. Sorry, i know i'm really bad at doing decent pics LOL btw those two things from fernoppa are really cute and full of crosses while the hairband was needed, i love those studs çAç
 Collar from Glavil. I kinda feel like a dog wearing it but i love it LOL
 Bra from Fernopaa. This was bought in a moment of no clarity LOL  i really want to know how should i wear this :°DD
 Algonquins pants. I simply love'em ç^ç they're so asdfghjkl and they're cool for my boysh outfits °^°
 BTSSB Usakumiya marionette. Yep. A marionette. I thought it was a bag but no, so i'll just go around with this in my hands saying let the marionette speak.......what i'm even saying D:
 Some accessories i've bought at Harajuku Closet Child .w.
 Tights. A loot of tights! those tattoo ones are so beautiful çAç since they were on sale i've bought a lot °^°
 Super lovers school bag! I need a new bag to go school :°D
 Two other shirts i got from Algonquins lucky pack .w.
 Kera and Shoxx magazines. It's the 1st time i actually have japanese magazines in my hands çAç
DIM and DIVISION limited ed.! I love Closet Child for this, they were really cheap çAAç

Ok, that's all guys! 8D 


Tokyo! long post is loooong :°D

First of all, happy New Year! Hope this one's gonna be awsome!

So, some days ago Grazia and me  came back from Tokyo and  atm i'm so depressed i don't even know what should i do with my life anymore LOL
We had sooooo much fun! For me it was the first time in Japan so i was all excited!
I really don't know where should i start because there are sooo many things i'd like to talk about!
I'm gonna sum up what we did during the last 2 weeks~

We stayed in Asakusa so we had to travel a lot to get to Shinjuku,Harajuku,Shibuya and so on although we were really close to the Senso-ji!

Well i'm gonna show you some photos i took .w.

When i saw this at the airport i was like omg i'm really in Japan  LOL

When we arrived we were really tired so we just stayed around Asakusa but the next day we went to Shinjuku, it was just amazing. It's so kira kira and there are sooo many skyscreapers and shops and restaurants and karaokes and everything. I've never seen such a big city so i was like a child in a candy store xD Shota who's Grazia's japanese friend brang us around the whole time .w.

Oh how much money i've spend at Studio Alta LOL   these are some pics i took there, glavil shop is sooo cool!

Also, near Shinjuku there's Kabukicho....host and hostess clubs everywhere! xD We were also lucky 'cause we got a photo with two hosts ahahaha

Harajuku was also awsome! A lot of stylish people were walking around everyday! also, the crepes were delicious xD  In the 1st pic you can see some japanese rockabillys, they were at the Yoyogi Park everyday! I was sooo funny seeing 'em dancing xD

Akihabara is strange xD we went to a maid cafè!  Grazia didn't like it very much but i think it was funny! Maids are so cute even if they talk quite too much LOL  when the food came they asked us to sing a little song with'em to make the dish more delicious xD it was like "to make this even more good let's say nyan nyan! Nyan nyan!"  LOL

Shibuya is also amazing! We went there like 3 times, The 1st time we went there was because of the GazettE special live. Of course we couldn't enter since it only was for people who won the lottery. Thank you guys, really. ç____ç We returned there while sales had already started.  People were walking with suitcases full of things they bought! °A°

We also had some cultural times LOL  the 1st one was in Kamakura! It's such a cute town! So quiet! It really makes me think of anime scenery :°D we went to see the Daibutsu! It was really big, you can't really tell it from photos but it is!

And here you are the imperial palace...more or less xD of course we couldn't enter so we just took some pics of the outside. I really liked how this traditional place is sank is a super modern district!

Here's the Senso-ji. Our hotel was near this temple so we went there quite often! I really like it above all during New Year's Eve çAç there were sooo many people!  By the way we spent it at Shota's places with his parents! I was really happy because i could visit a japanese house and spent that day like japanese people do! We eat a lot of delicious things while watching the kohaku! Talking about the Kohaku....there was an enka singer...Akihiro Miwa...he's like the old version of Gackt...please go google it x''''D

That's a temple we found walking in the Ueno Park, it was soo beautiful, i loved it! The Park was also awsome! it was soo big! Even if Tokyo is a modern city with skyscreaper and such there also are places like this. It seems like another city! This is an aspect i really enjoied!

On Dec. 27th we went with a japanese friend of mine and his friends to an izakaya! It was sooo funny! We had to take out our shoes. We ate a lot of delicious things and we also sang at the karaoke xD


We also went to Odaiba because of the Komiketto! There were so many awsome cosplayers! Photographers were so creepy btw çAç There were a lot of strange people too LOL like...i've seen real otakus x°°°
Odaiba was intresting even if i didn't like it too much because it's too close to the sea. I really hate it LOL
Here's two beautiful japanese girls wearing a Furisode in Harjuku çAç all the feels for this kimono! çAç
Here's a pic of me and Grazia with Kimura, a visual kei fan who wanted to meet us .w. I talked a lot with here about visual kei. She's really nice and i'm always happy to meet new people çwç  With her we went to Hrajuku and Roppongi. There we went to the Roppongi hills and that's what we saw:
It was just AMAZING.

The next day we met another girl .w. she was an anime fan so we went together to the karaoke and sang a lot of anime OSTs!  She was very shy and nice! she also could sing very very well! Shota came with us too. It's incredible like he can change his voice! Like...from Hatsune Miku to Gackt xD

On Dec. 29th and 30th we went to two concerts. Ayumi Hamasaki's and D=OUT's one, We had a lot of fun like everyday xD  At the Ayu's live there were soo many people! It was more like a show and it was amazing! Dancers were really good too! Btw it was funny like me and Granzia were dancing and stuffs while japanese people were like static as hell xD  At the D=OUT live on the other hand people were like crazy xD  it's like they have a dance for every song! We tried to learn 'em xD We danced a loooot! This live were really long!  like 3 hours or so! It was also funny because all the members talked a lot °^°

Last day was a cultural one! We went to Meiji jingu and Yasukuni jinja with Shota and Kawasaki! These two temples are so majestic! I liked 'em very much!
I was really sad because my journey was ending çAç Tokyo is a beautiful city, i liked everything about it and i hope a can return there as soon as possible! çAç 

We took a lot of purikura too, here you are some .w.

That's all guys! .w. see you soon for my haul post AHAHAHAH.
Let me leave you with some food porn <3