Doki doki BIT event☆*:.

As I said in my previous post this weekend we went to the nearby region to take part in an event called doki doki BIT!
It was a Japan themed event, there were para para dancers, a japanese DJ and a little shop!
Me,Federica and Grazia had to talk a bit about japanese fashions while doing a little fashon show, it was a lot of fun!
I wore a cult party kei outfit!

Stupid pics are my favorite ahah *(*´∀`*)☆

Japanese DJ's name is Ryo Fujimoto, he is really good at beatboxing!

I had a lot of fun even if I came back really hungry ahah   It would be nice to do it again  (☆^O^☆)  


Really random post

I dunno why I'm writing this post because I really have nothing to say LOL but today I feel like I want to update this blog so.. ahah
Well, nothing intresting happend lately, I'm not even going out a lot because somehaow I'm tired DD:
Btw this week sales started so I've bought something!

I really needed a pair of shorts but this year you can only find super duper short shorts, I mean, they're supposed to actually be pants not panties DD: I really don't know how girls can go out with those on D:  Luckly I've found a kind of normal lenght shorts! As you can see I've also bought some  grandma-style clothings for cult party kei ahah 

 Two posts ago I've talked about a order group from lockshop, this is the wig I got! It was like super cheap so I added it to my collection ahaha  The quality is really good and I totally love the color! It is actually perfect for different styles!


This weekend I'm going to attend a Japan themed event in a reagion near mine with Grazia and Federica! We're going to model and talk a bit about different fashions in Japan! I'm gonna write a post about it next week! Bye bye( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


Circle lenses review! Princess Mimi Apple Green!

Hi everyone! So, like the title says I'm gonna review this  circle lenses I bought a while ago from love shopping holics !  It's my first review so I hope you will like it °w°

Let's start with some general information about these lenses!

 Origin: Korea Diameter : 15.0mm
 Water Content : 38% Base Curve : 8.7mm

 Life Span : 1 year disposal
 Price: USD 23.90
Prescription:  plano to -8.00

Personal opinion:

These lenses are really comfy ( 8/10)  and even if they're quite big you can wear them all day long without any problem! I'm really happy with this since I really don't like wearing glasses. Moreover even if you natural eye color is dark brown like mine they are really noticeable! As you can see from the stock pic they don't look very natural but they give to your eyes a really unique color thanks to the 3 tones!
Also, they're perfect with every types of makeup! Up untill now they're the best green circle lenses I' ve ever worn, I totally reccomend them!
I'm gonna show you some pics of me wearing these lenses~




I'm sorry for bad quality pics ;A;     Btw, that's all! Let me know if you like it <3  bye bye (○´∀`○) 


Summer (´ω`★)

It's already July I can't believe it  ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

This summer is going too fast, I don' t know if I'm happy or not ahah
Btw I want to let you now about what I'm doing lately almost nothing tbh  8D
Well, During June I've spent a week alone bc my parent went to Sardinia on holiday so I went to Grazia's place for a few days~ we had dinner with Federica,Gianna and a lot of other people on the 1st day~It was a lot of fun that evening xD
That's what I wore~

I've recieved a new package on that week too so I have something to wear this summer ahah
Me and my friends also made a group order from lockshop to get free shipping,wigs are never enough! ahah

As I stayed at Grazia's place we went out to eat some sushi! I love sushi  ;A;

When I came home I've spent my days sleeping xD I'm still shamelessy sleeping untill 3 pm or so but I'm on holiday so I guess it's ok xD
I also went out sometimes tho :°D   Here you are some outfits~

On 26th June  I went to the cinema with Grazia!  We watched Madoka Magika movie part 1!  I can't  wait to see the second one *w*As you can see we went there in cosplay ahah
Last week (maybe, I've already forgot lol)  me and Federica went to Grazia's place again (Grazia's house is like an hotel everyone can go there just warn her a day before LOL) and we cooked japanese curry! It was sooooo yummy ;;  I think I can live only eating japanese curry ahah

Well, see you when  I'll have something intresting to say :°DDD