Just because I have nothing to do

Yeah, basically this is a super useless post because I have nothing better to do atm and I really don't want to study anymore *burns books
You know, I' m spending my days studying,studying and also studying, I really can't stand school anymore, Moreover next week's gonna be hella stressing because I have tests like everyday 'till Saturday UGH I'm really glad that's my last year .-.
Also I can't wait to Xmas holidays to come so I can relax a bit!
Btw Grazia Federica and I are planning to go to the international gyaru meet in Frankfurt in Feburary! Seems like I still have something to look forward to LOL
 I'm really excited because I've never been to Frankfurt and I can't wait to meet other gals C:  That's a great excuse to buy some new clothes tho 8DDDD

Well, I guess this post got boring enaugh so let's end it here, let me just leave you with a pic of my latest outfit so this thing here won't be too bare (does this even make sense idk)

....I'm sorry(?)


Lucca comics and games 2013

So, yesterday I came back from Luca comics and games which is the largest convention in Italy.
This year I went there with Federica and Grazia and we rented a flat for 4 days C:  The flat was really nice and we even had a small terrace, the view from there was awesome!

However, this year Lucca was reaaaally crowded, I mean, from the second day you couldn't already walk among the streets, it was awful! I guess it is time to change something in the organization because there is literally no space anymore.

Btw, on the 1st day I cosplayed  Hatsune Miku   madness of duke Venomania ver. but it looks like a lot of people didn't recognise me, I wonder why ahah
I met a lot of people I can't always meet too! C:
Like the super duper cute Mei  ;AA;

The second day we held the 1st  national fashion walk! I must say that it didn't went like we expected to because the meeting place was too crowded and not so many people took part in it, it was quite disapponting tbh

Grazia,Nicole, ( a girl I met for the 1st time in Lucca who is really nice C:) and I  wore full glavil outfits!
On the 3rd day Grazia, Federica and I cosplayed  Nobara, Ririchiyo and Karuta from InuxBoku! We were supposed to have a photoshoot but stuffs happened so we didn't do it....at least some nice photographers took us a lot of pics! I'm looking forward to see them!In the meanwhile here you are some stupid pics I took with my phone ahah

On that evening we also went to see Cristina D' Avena concert (she sings almost all the anime main  themes in Italy)
It was so nostalgic because she sang all the old themes! Grazia went completely crazy ahaha
After her there were 2 japanese bands which I had  no clue of who they were, really  xD

Yeah, he's playing the guitar  with a drill........

Some random photos  <:

 She was too cute!

I spent 4 nice days,Lucca comics is always a lot of fun after all C: